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The purpose of this page is to hold some of my MAP info since my hexenworld.com site has moved into a read only archive...
SIEGE is and will always be the BEST multi player strategic deathmatch game. Whoa..
I am Dark Ravager (aka darkravager aka (d_tree) [Profile] (sorry i fixed my email link!) woops.

MAPS + Stuff

My Personal Files

  1. (noname:hw/h2/single/dm):
    This is just a simple map i made. Think StarTrek/Rocketarena....I wager 200 quatloos on the newcomer.
  2. (Dominion of the Dark Fortress:siege):
    This Is my first (and the 2nd existant) siege map(v10)or map(v8). Play it. love it. Destroy it.
    For pictures please click here
    For SOURCE files for this map click here! source (map+bsp+utils for v10)
  3. (Arena Fun Death:hw/h2/dm):
    A simple one on one death match map. Or perhaps 2 on 2..dunno.
  4. (Rival Strike:rk):
    A map for Rival Kingdoms MOD. Get Map+Source (+author revision notes:). See RK web site on Hexenworld.
    For pictures please click here
  5. (Sunken Romanic:rk)
    A map for Rival Kingdoms.MOD. Get Map+Source.(+author revision notes:). See RK web site on Hexenworld
    For pictures please click here
  6. (Tutorial: Dominion of the Dark Fortress)
    See the tutorial page here.(Includes scanned pictures of the creation process)
  7. (HEXENWORD 1.0 QPORT version project)
    - This is a project to recompile the hexenworld program to include the FIXED network code from newer quakeworld. The project page is here. See it for details of how Iam doing...

Other Files

  1. (Hexenworld Community site for ME :)
    - A file - Community HexenWorld entire download version 1. Or Local Archive.
  2. (Siege MAPS )
    - A file that Contains nvtmap,druid1,gorge,dsiege,besiege2,sgecv5,wsiege,cryptsg,siege1vlit10
  3. (Siege Source files)
    - I think Cosmos meant these to be sorta public ... if not um tell me so. This is the source to the progs.dat + the .map files for some releases (can't guarantee last version)
  4. (Hexenworld Master Server + source)
    - This file is apperantly a master server for hw.
  5. ("STABLES" A local copy with fixed links)
    - The stables file archive place, but a local copy i fixed up.
  6. (BSP editor v92a)
    - The Map editor I used on ALL my maps. It's the best but very complex. I think it's like QEradiant or something. A few small buggys. Save often with multiple version :)

Appropriately Old Links

  1. www.hexenworld.com - Old Origonal Site
    - www.hexenworld.com/siege
    - http://www.hexenworld.com/darkchild/guide.html
    - www.hexenworld.com/kingdoms
    - www.hexenworld.com/darkravager
    - http://www.hexenworld.com/stables/
  2. www.hexenworld.net - copy site. [hexenworld.raven-games.com/]
    - www.raven-games.com/hosted.php
    - www.raven-games.com/vintage/
  3. http://ftp.netc.pt/pub/planetquake/hexenworld/stables/ - A file archive of the HW site and files


For Source files on anything here email me. I also may have other unreleased stuff and some wierd utils. Email me if you need something or info.

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Copyright / Permissions

Hexen II(R) is a registered trademark of Raven Software. Credit also
to id Software and Activision.

You may distribute this .BSP freely, provided you include this .txt
file and leave the archive intact. If you'd like to use this level
in any other way, please contact me.

If this file adversely affects your, or anyone else's computer system,
I do not accept liability either in negligence or any other type.
You have voluntarily accepted any risks of damage that may result
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consequential loss.

Noone may use this map as a base for any other map without asking for and recieving
permission from me.